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Tai Chi Chuan & Oriental Arts Magazine No 32


     Interview with Paul Crompton

     5 Animals Qigong

     Tai Chi Chuan’s Written Tradition

     A Chinese Travelogue


     Presence in Tai Chi & Qigong

     Taiji: Milestones in the Mist

     Bagau Zhang




NoneWelcome to the website of the White Dragon and Bai Ying Chinese Martial Arts. Here you will find details of our society’s history and classes in Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu (Wu Su).

You can find details of the styles we teach in the Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu sections. Our classes also include Chi Kung exercises and introduce Chinese Medicine. You can see examples of our classes in action in our galleries in the Pictures section.

The White Dragon Association teaches Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu throughout Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Hampshire, employing traditional Chinese teaching methods. (See the Contact page for details of current classes.) We may also be able to supply an instructor if you have an interested group and somewhere for a class during the daytime in the Gloucestershire area: contact us to make an enquiry.

On occasions the association holds demonstrations and special introductory courses. See the News page for latest information.



Member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, and Martial Arts Fitness Coach UK


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"The Way that can be described is not the absolute Way; the name that can be given is not the absolute name. Nameless it is the source of heaven and earth; named it is the mother of all things." - Lao zu





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